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A Coaching Program to Empower Working Mothers and their Careers

Future-proof your career for continued professional and financial advancement, with the flexibility you desire.

download the Mastering Working Motherhood Program Overview here

Becoming a mother is a profound paradigm shift; becoming a working mother is worlds colliding.


Returning to work post-maternity leave may have you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to "juggle it all". You may be questioning your professional ability, desire to work, and career security. 

I've developed a methodology to coach you with your personal and professional mindset to set you up for success in your career so that you may continue to advance as a professional - and as a mother - with the flexibility you desire. 

(Yes, it's possible)

Let's talk about how. 

Click below for a free 30 minute consultation.

(Don't worry - there's no obligation to work with me by scheduling an initial consultation. You'll even walk away with some free pointers from me.)

"The biggest barrier for women is the thought that they can't have it all"

Cathy Engelbert

Commissioner of the WNBA

Former CEO at Deloitte

You work. You're a mom.
...and you feel like you're failing at both.

One (or more!) of these  feelings may be familiar...

  • You're about to go on maternity leave, and you're worried about your job/business

  • You're about to return to work after having a baby, and you're terrified 

  • You've recently returned to work after having a baby, and you're just not able to "keep up"

  • You feel like you've returned to work as a completely different person

  • You're questioning your career, post-baby. Is it worth it anymore?

  • You have lost the meaning and drive for your work since having a baby

  • You're overwhelmed at work and at home, and can't catch a break

  • You need relief, but you're not sure from what, from where, and how to get it

You're not required to sacrifice your career - or motherhood - to be happy. 

I can help you examine your life through an identity integration lens, that brings your kaleidoscope life into focus. Through transformational coaching, mindset work, and change plans that stick, you can design your own working motherhood experience.

In the news...

"Research has shown that there is a critical period of 9-12 months following the return to work when women can begin to question their role in the workplace.

J. Bussell, Great expectations: can maternity coaching affect the retention of professional women? International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Special Issue 2 (2008)


Transform your working motherhood experience by upgrading your motherhood mindset and applying change tactics to your life, so you can:

  • Learn to release fear and pressure to "do it all"

  • Understand and overcome your limiting beliefs around motherhood and your career

  • Understand your new identity as a working mom and thrive by owning it

  • Identify your return-to-work transition options and develop a transition plan 

  • Enhance your confidence in your professional ability

  • Develop a long term Career Plan designed specifically for you

  • Re-design your life for work-life harmony

  • Increase flexibility in your life

  • Regain your self-driven life

Working Motherhood is a mental game.

The life you want is just a mindset shift away.


Mastering Working Motherhood is a comprehensive coaching program that achieves goals through:

Image by youssef naddam

1:1 Coaching

This is your time. 

Through 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (virtual, or in person), you will have the time, safe space, and opportunity to discuss the matters most important to you as a mother, career woman, and individual. Using time-proven coaching tools, we'll explore your current state and plan for the future together.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Mindset Work

A large focus will be spent on examining your world-view and self-view, and exploring ways to shift to a way of thinking that supports your goals. We will deep dive into identity integration, confidence, control,  and acceptance. 

Image by Jess Bailey

Career and Change Planning

This is where the magic happens. Through detailed action and change planning, I work with you to produce a practical and time-bound change plan that enforces the changes you want to make while making them "stick". Coupled with a Human Design assessment to guide you, change plans include but are not limited to career shifts, support plans, and mindset shift plans.


Whether you're about to go on maternity leave, are about to return to work, or are already a working mother, our coaching package can be flexibly applied to work for you and meet you where you are. 

  • ​1 x 90 minute introductory session

  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly, via zoom or in-person if located within the Greater Toronto Area) focused on the following topics:

    • current world-view and self-view assessments

    • identity integration

    • career goal setting and future state visioning

    • personal goal setting and future state visioning

    • gap assessment: mindset, physical gaps, support gaps

    • planning and acting on change

    • futureproofing your success: making change stick

  • 1 x 60 minute Human Design assessment by Molly Ziraldo (to learn more about Human Design, click here)

  • Guided deep work activities

  • Detailed and guided change planning and templates

  • Accountability exercises

  • Self-directed activities 

  • Change Plan templates, monitoring, adjustments and enhancements

  • Tools, resources and assigned reading

I know what you're thinking...
you don't have the time, right?

Your time is precious, and limited. You've got a million things on your plate, and the thought of adding one more thing is already exhausting you. Here's what I'll tell you:

The majority of our time will be spent working together, on guided and meaningful activities. Through 60 minute working sessions, we'll maximize your precious time. Working directly with me will alleviate the pressure of feeling like you're "taking on more".

You are not alone.

Increase Flexibility

Continue Your Career Trajectory

Reduce Stress

reinvent your life for 

$3499 CAD

Choose yourself.

Take back the power of your life and career.

Book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, and let's discuss how to change your working motherhood experience. 

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