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Samantha Wallace
re-mom Founder

re-mom is the result of an 8 year process of self-discovery.

After a 10 month maternity leave in 2015, Sam suddenly found herself thrown back into the workplace, expecting to think, behave, contribute and perform the way she had prior to leaving. Except, that wasn't the case. Her perspective on work, and on her own self-identity, had completely changed. 

Not realizing it at the time, Sam's identity was largely tied to her success in the workplace. She had no concept of the amount of change that motherhood would influence in her career: how she worked, how often she worked, her priorities, her mental capacity, and who she was at work (after all, she was a different person now). When her work identity became threatened, Sam was left feeling completely lost, not knowing who she was, and without purpose.

Knowing that most women returned to work after having children, she began to question her own capabilities as a person - why couldn't she just "get through it?" Was there something wrong with her?

Sam ended up pushing herself in the hopes of proving that she could "do it all", and hoping she would somehow return to the old version of herself (spoiler: it didn't work).


After inevitably burning out and experiencing her first ever set of anxiety attacks, Sam left her job to take a pay and title cut for increased work flexibility. Followed by years of cognitive behavioural therapy, self-help research, education, coaching, and a spiritual journey, Sam realized she was becoming a voice in her peer and mentorship circles on effective motherhood mindset and career management as she shared openly how both her career and personal life continued to flourish.

It became increasingly clear that she wasn't the only one experiencing the challenge of figuring out how to be a mom while balancing a successful career. And, she realized that after 8 years of self work, she had a work-life harmony formula she could share with others.

In 2023, re-mom launched with Sam's goal of supporting mothers just like her, going through similar experiences. Sam believes that it's time we as working mothers empower ourselves to reinvent motherhood in a way that truly work for us - and re-mom can help get you there. 

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