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about re-mom

We're on a mission to provide meaningful and necessary support to working mothers; we believe working motherhood is the least talked about experience for the modern mom. We believe every working mother deserves to feel successful both at home and in the workplace - and we facilitate that through coaching and corporate programming.

re-mom is a maternity transition navigation service. This means that we support mothers in their quest for work-life harmony, to allow them the ability to excel in their careers while growing a family. This also means that we support progressive organizations in their maternity transition programs; these organizations know that supporting the working motherhood journey helps retain talent, reduce turnover, and achieve gender equity and inclusivity goals. Click the button below to learn more about our services. 

meet Sam

Hello there! I'm Samantha Wallace, and I'm obsessed with people. I want to know them, understand them, see the world from their points of view, and most importantly, help them. It is through this genuine interest in other people that I find success in what I do - being a change maker.

Having spent majority of my professional career in the Project Management and Change Management space, I've learned that change is a deeply personal experience. It is with this background, along with a degree in Psychology, being a trained Maternity coach, and a deep interest in humans and their happiness, that drives me to support positive change in the lives of working mothers everywhere.

Mothers everywhere are faced with the desire to live flexible, comfortable and satisfying lives, both at work and at home. I help them do just that.

I believe working moms deserve a life they truly enjoy - and not have to figure it all out on their own. That's what I'm here for. 

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