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Open Coaching

Open coaching engagements include five 60-minute coaching sessions around the topics of your choice. When it comes to working motherhood, there are many possible areas you may need support in: confidence in yourself and your career; perfectionism; relationships and support systems; your new identity as a working mother; work/life harmony, to name a few. 

You drive the conversations, and we provide the support and drive the change.

Note: Open Coaching uses a matricentric approach - meaning, we focus on the mother only. We do not focus on parenting, child rearing, or post-partum support.

download the Open Coaching Program Overview here

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Working moms can use support for many, many things.

Below you'll find some of the most popular topics re-mom can help you with. 

Identity Integration

Gaining a new identity as "mother" may conflict with old versions of your identity - and you may be grieving your old self. Identity integration focuses on bringing all of the pieces of you together into one whole identity that feels good.

Career Planning

Career progression, professional identity, "playing catch up" after mat leave, fears around leaving your role for maternity leave, feeling lost in your career driven mothers look for support in managing the myriad of emotions and experiences around their careers. 


Your relationships with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and your boss can change drastically after becoming a mother. We will discuss the change in these dynamics, and where we can continue to strengthen them.

Engaging Support

It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to raise a mother. How are you engaging support from your network to maximize ease in your life? Topics like asking for vs. accepting help, work/life harmony, and beliefs on "doing it all" are discussed.

Motherhood Mindset

Your world-view and self-view are examined to understand how you define motherhood, and your perception of where you fit against that definition. We dive deep into your belief systems and how they may be helping or hindering your working motherhood experience.

 The flexibility you desire is just a mindset shift away. 


Motherhood has a tendency to make us feel like we have no idea what we're doing - which in turn, can affect your confidence. This can show up in various parts of your life, and across multiple identities (i.e. as mother, spouse, employee). We will work on ways to boost your confidence as a mother and as a career woman.


One thing's for sure - we lose an element of control over our lives when becoming mothers. Parenting unpredictability; the constant need to be "on" for your child(ren) at all times; your workplace moving forward "without you" during maternity leave - there are a number of ways we can feel we've lost control. Together, we look at the need for control and how to comfortably work with it (or move past it).


Motherhood looks different for everyone. What ideals are you holding on to as a working mother, that aren't serving you? We will look at expectations you may be putting on yourself to be the "perfect mom" while also being the "perfect employee/boss". We will work together on moving past perfectionism, and into acceptance.

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re-write your

story for 



"I need someone to talk to".

If this sounds like you, Open Coaching may be a good fit. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to find out. 

(don't worry - there are no obligations to work with me by scheduling a call)

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