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maternity coaching

Maternity coaching focuses on the high-achieving, career-driven woman as she navigates pregnancy. With an emphasis on maintaining career trajectory, designing equity in the home, and confidence to return to the workplace, maternity coaching is a long term relationship with re-mom where we see you through pre-maternity leave, during maternity leave, and post-maternity leave, set across 5 coaching sessions (1 touchpoint pre-maternity leave; 1 touchpoint while on maternity leave; 3 touchpoints when reintegrating back into the workplace).


Maternity coaching sets the expecting mother up for success both at home and in the workplace - leaving her with a mindset and resources that supports her in the best way possible during this transformative period of her life.

You're about to have a baby, and you're nervous about a lot of things...

Some of these may feel familiar...

  • You're worried about the amount of time you'll be away from work...and are concerned you'll miss out on opportunities

  • You're debating taking a shorter maternity leave so you don't lose out on the career progression you've worked so hard for

  • You're worried your employer or colleagues will think of you differently now that you're a mom

  • You're not sure how you're going to "balance it all"

  • The return-to-work scenario has you feeling anxious

  • Work-life harmony is something you've never had to think of before, and now you've got only a certain amount of time to figure it out

  • You're not feeling confident that you'll return to work with the same capabilities

Download the Maternity Coaching Program Overview here

here's how we'll help you

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pre-maternity leave

Prior to maternity leave, one coaching session focuses on your transition out of work, and maintaining your career trajectory.

This sets you up for a confident and worry-free departure from work.


on maternity leave

When it feels good to you, re-mom will be in touch with you once during your maternity leave to check in on how you're staying connected to the workplace, and 

work life harmony planning.

The focus of this session is to gauge and support your confidence to return to work, and prepare you for work-life harmony for when you return to the workplace.


return-to-work integration

Three coaching sessions will be dedicated to your return-to-work integration post-maternity leave, with a strong emphasis on 

work-life harmony, reintegration training and employer support, and confidence among other things.

This allows you to reintegrate back into the workplace with flexibility, comfort and satisfaction both at work and at home.

invest in your success - at work, and at home.


You'll be busy taking care of a baby on maternity leave. Let us take care of you.

Start by scheduling your complimentary initial consultation here

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